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Stained Glass Praise



Samuel Tejada

Worship Leader and director of Sons of Thunder Gospel Choir

Samuel Tejada's passion for music started at a very young age in his Dad's church. He began leading worship at the young age of 12. Samuel studied voice with some well known voice teachers throughout his career as a singer. He's been part of various singing contests such as American Idol, Xfactor, and The voice. 

In 2014 He was a part of Capitol Records and worked with various Artists in song writing and BGV arrangements.

In 2016 God calls him back to ministry after a powerful healing he received and he goes full throttle starting his own group now known as Sons of Thunder, along side his brothers.

Since, Sam has worked with Marcos Witt, Ingrid Rosario, Josue Avila, Coálo Zamorano, Robert Green, Rachel Gonzalez, and most recently helped direct the choir of MielSan Marcos album "EVANGELIO" recorded live at the arena. Sam also helo lead his choir in the live recording of their own Album "HEAVEN SOUNDS".

Sam has performed in various prestigious stages such as Carnegie Hall, NY among others but what he loves most is lifting his voice to worship the living God


Rebeca Garcia

Graduate of Cal State Long Beach, Music Education - Choral Emphasis

Rebeca García is a Southern California Native. She is a passionate educator wanting to serve her community in the musical arts.

As a young child, she grew up in a latino Christian household which opened her up to worship music. She has remained an avid worship leader and helps numerous churches with their worship teams in workshops and master classes.


Alongside, she is a private voice teacher who works with all age groups and many genres. Rebeca Garcia has many endeavors ahead as she has just accepted a high school music director position in the Antelope Valley High school District, working with bands and choir.


She is excited to share her knowledge, be a help to her community and put her gifts to use back where she discovered them.


Selomit Ventura

Worship Leader, producer and song writer at La Iglesia en el Camino

Selomit Ventura was born into a family of talented musicians and singers. Her humble beginnings began at the age of six, when she started singing and playing guitar at her grandparents’ church.  At fourteen, she wrote Asi es tu amor for the album Cristo Reina, recorded in La Catedral del Pueblo in Miami by Jaime Murrell. From then on, she became the youngest songwriter in CanZion Group history, having the mentorship of the renowned CanZion producer and prominent songwriter Juan Salinas and is still working with Canzion nowadays. Asi es tu amor  has most notably been used in Alzad vuestros ojos, a significant project for Alberto Mottesi’s missionary collaboration, and has been sung by musical groups such as Blest. Most recently, in his album Ayer y Hoy, Kike Pavon released a modernized version of Asi es tu amor.


Selomit, at age fifteen, was then accepted into the renowned Escuela Superior de Música de la Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, where she developed her career as a voice instructor, voiceover, and professional singer in contemporary, classical, Mexican folk music. During her years of study, she also sang commercial jingles for a variety of different companies at University Radio in Durango, Mexico.


Simultaneously Selomit had the mentorship of Edgar Rocha recording artist and renowned worship leader who give her the opportunity to have singing classes in CCDMAC now known as Instituto CanZion in Durango México.


In 1998, Selomit participated in a national singing contest back in her home country, winning first place as the top singer in Mexico.  Receiving an official certificate from Former President Ernesto Zedillo, she was given the opportunity to study with the prestigious teachers of Bellas Artes, a maximum house of arts in Mexico. 


In 2000, Selomit arrived in the US, where she began working with multiple churches within San Fernando Valley as a vocal coach, helping many singers to discover their voices.


Later on, in 2016, she arrived at her current home church La Iglesia En El Camino Van Nuys as its official Choir Director, Vocal Coach, Worship Leader, and became a member of LIEEC’s creative team.


Since then, Selomit has worked with renowned Christian artists and musicians such as Ingrid Rosario, Coalo Zamorano, Lorena Zamorano, Miel San Marcos, Marcela Gandara, Alex Campos, Job Gonzalez, Josue Avila, Euro Zambrano, Josh “Joshy” Swing, Tonny Lopez,  Sam Tejada, Sons of Thunder, Gerson Juarez, Greta Armenta, Edson Gonzalez, Ministerios Gracia y Poder, Danilo Montero, David Martinez, Ray Alonso, Annete Moreno, Dave Giraldo, Marco Gaxiola, Edgar Tello, Steven Maldonado, Jesus Becerra, and Jacob Galvan. During the COVID pandemic in 2020, Selomit was also given the opportunity to work with Tiffany Thurston from New Hope Town, Hawaii in  The Blessing Foursquare Inauguration  with hundreds of worship leaders within the Foursquare Organization across the U.S. 

Finally, her most recent collaboration included a feature with Sons of Thunder in their live recorded album Heaven Sounds, singing alongside fellow worship leaders Melissa Vides, Sherdale Smith, and Rachel Gonzales. 


As of 2022, Selomit started her career as a vocal producer in Rene Morataya’s award-winning single En Todo Tiempo. During the filming of the official music video of En Todo Tiempo, Selomit also featured in his bonus track, Salmos 34, where they entered into a spontaneous moment of worship.


Selomit is known for empowering her students’ anointing and teaches them the value of their voices, the importance of excellence, and how powerful it is when God is in the midst of their craft. 

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